Moving Walks

Jade Fushili’s auto-walk elevates the shopping to a newly concise and comfortable realm, not only it satisfies the conveying problem of large passenger flow, as well as meeting the requirements of long distance walk, carrying luggage cart, baby’s cart, shopping cart, the vehicle for the handicapped etc,. It is greatly convenient for people’s outing & shopping. It is space-saving stable and reliable, colorful and echanted, more economical.


We have two types of escalator, such as Public Traffic Escalator and Escalator. Public Traffic Escalator is designed for the public. It is water proof and reliable safety function. Jade Fushili’s elevator is fully apply the novel materials, the advanced domestic, and overseas technology for design and manufacture. It has a long life, strong general purpose, more advanced, less noise, more secure, elegant and attractive, monitored running, high efficiency, and energy-saving.

Passenger Elevator

Jade Fushili have three types of passenger elevator, they are: High-speed Passenger Elevator, Small Machine Room Passenger Elevator, and Machine Room-less Passenger Elevator. High-speed Passenger Elevator can reach 40 floors within 60 second. Small Machine Room Passenger Elevator is good for saving area and saving energy, it can save up to 40% of energy and 50% of machine room. Machine Room-less Passenger Elevator is the concept of environmental protection, energy saving, and saving building, It saves energy by 40% and construction area by 10%.

Panoramic Elevator

We also have panoramic elevators in two types too ! There are Panoramic Elevators and Machine Room-less Panoramic Elevators. The different with our panoramic elevator and the other is that we use environmentally friendly machine. Beside the excellent characteristics it inherited from the machine room sightseeing elevator, the non-machine room is showing its highly efficiency of well by its own creative style, and has achieved while the space has been saved. It could be widely applied in different kinds of public place, such as large-scale market, station, port, airport, shopping center, recreation center, and exhibition hall, etc. The VVVF inverter-driven energy saving configuration, carrying a silent corporate social responsibility to clam and comfortable ride experience, a unique fashion look and style of human interface setting, the full interpretation of the elevator for FUSHILI insights into urban life.

Home Elevator

Fushili Home elevator, adhering to the area of the world’s leading private classic design heritage of the international fusion of artistic, practical and integrated with the times, and villas, private luxury high level taste is very consistent. Fushili Home Elevator using 1 phase 220V with 700 – 1100 Watt will be easy for home electrical supply. In normal power failure,the chargeable battery supplies the elevator arrives to the nearest landing. Car ventilation, light automatic shut off, if there is no calling or command signal within the stipulated time in order to save the energy.

Hospital Elevator

Fushili Hospital Elevator, not only for transporting passengers, but also the use of special functions of the elevator has a special and strict requirements. Fushili bed elevator, the elevator can precisely control the speed, running smooth and comfortable. Fushili family bed elevator human-oriented design, to fully optimize the car structure, satisfy customer requirements. For passengers to create a tranquil, elegant space, unique design idea. It brings about a bright and clean.